About Us

Nedrick India is a media conglomerate with keen interest in showing the news as it happens. Started in the year 2017, Nedrick News, our Hindi web portal and YouTube channel with the same name was launched. Within a short span of a year our subscription on our YouTube channel crossed a milestone of 2.87 lakh + subscribers.

Excited with the acceptance we got from the viewers we launched Nedrick Express which is our English language web portal. Since we are new, we are ready to explore and innovate and that gave us the energy to engage the millennials in the language that they read, write and communicate in.

With our mission clear in our heads we want to reach our target audiences through all new digital mediums available to us. We give the story fast on our social media platforms and viewers can read their long form version on our website. If there is a story, you will find it on Nedrick Express.

Nedrick Express brings out the smallest of the news on your screens. From political to international stories, Sports to entertainment, Opinions to Technology, whatever is making news will be a part of Nedrick Express. Started with just two people, we are growing every day. Powered with the knowledge and doing stories with Journalistic ethics is what makes us different. Stories that appear on the Nedrick express are checked and rechecked for facts. We don’t believing in breaking the stories, we report stories on the principle of correct information should reach in correct time.

Maintaining high standards of Journalistic ethics we want to claim our position under the sun as a media house that never compromised on the truth of a story. Nedrick express completely understands its responsibility as the fourth pillar of democracy. It is our continuous endeavor to bring forth the stories of suppressed and oppressed and gives them a voice.

Through this new offering from Nedrick India we aim to be the voice of unheard.