Nedrick Express, under the aegis of Nedrick India organized a cycling challenge ‘Oorjathon’ on the 25th of March, 2018. Being a responsible media house it was important for us that we practice what we preach. So ‘Oorjathon’ was conceived seed for change to inspire the people in leading a healthy life without causing damage to the environment.

With the boom in population in and around Delhi, traffic on the roads has reached a all time high. The city’s green belt is taken over by the concrete jungle and increased number of vehicles on the road has increased the pollution levels of choking the city. To make citizens aware of the importance of sustainability of renewable resources, a cycle race was organized. The main aim of ‘Oorjathon’ was to conserve the energy hence the name ‘Oorjathon’.  The event was a great success and the aim of organizing this event was realized with the large participation that we received from people. The agenda of ‘Oorjathon’ of bringing about a change not only in daily utility consumption of close to 400 candidates but also of many more who got educated and guided by these 400 participants.

‘Oorjathon’ is our continuous endeavor to reach more and more people and make a human change for this noble cause. All our marketing team’s are directed towards affecting and educating more than 95,000 ++ people, making them aware of this campaign and the agenda behind it. This noble cause also got support from the corporate sector as a large number of these companies supported us and kept our spirits high.

The ‘Oorjathon’ was done on a 23 km stretch on a Sunday. The participants of the marathon were divided into two groups namely, ‘Mountain bikers ‘and ‘Road Riders’.

Oorjathon was more than just a lip service as we made sure that those who participated with all their heart and soul must be appreciated in a way they remember all their lives. Hence prize amount was also divided in two categories as per the groups. Details are as follows:

Prizes for MTB’s:

Winner: RS. 51,000/-
First Runner-up: RS. 31,000/-
Second Runner-up: RS. 11,000/-

Prizes for Road riders:

Winner: RS. 11,000/-
First Runner-up: RS. 5,100/-
Second Runner-up: RS. 1,100/-